Kreamy Soaps is naturally medicinal!

We know our Kreamy Soaps® Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar will be the
finest bar of soap you will ever use.  Our special recipe creates an
extremely thick, rich, luxurious, sudsy lather.

Our methodology is simple yet complex. We hand craft from start to finish
blending our own unique proprietary soap base and fine ingredients. We
perfection. We then hand cut, stamp and package these bars just for you.
This is real honest to goodness
“scratch made” soap.

Our Pine Tar Olive Bar is durable, vegan and all natural. No gmo’s,
colorants or perfumes are added to this truly amazing bar.
We are confident that you will love our soap.

Highlights of our Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar

Naturally Medicinal
Wholesome, Luxurious, and Effective
Extraordinarily Moisturizing

No More Itching, Rinses Clean, Your Confidence Restored.

The All in One Bar
Face, Body, Shaving and Hair Bar.

No more shaving cans, shampoos, conditioners or other bottles needed
when using Kreamy Soaps All in One!


Handmade from Scratch-not all Soaps are created equal. No pre-made
soap base. No Melt and Pour. No Milling. No Private Label Manufacturer.

Our own Unique Proprietary Soap Base-Developed and Hand Crafted
by Kreamy Soaps Master Soapers.

Proudly Made in the USA

Making Soap Since 1994

No Animal Testing, No Animal by-products

Ingredients: Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Pine Tar
and Jojoba Bean Oil.

Note: This bar is fragrance free meaning we do not add any
fragrance. You can however smell the all natural ingredients.
Kreamy Soaps is dedicated to keeping it real and authentic.

"You are going to love this bar."

We look forward to serving you with our quality customer service.

Kreamy Soaps®

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Naturally Medicinal
All in One Bar
Using our All in One Bar can save you money on shampoo,
shaving cream and even moisturizers.

If you love quality, then you will love our Pine Tar Olive. This bar is extra
creamy and rich in Olive Oil and Jojoba Bean Oil. You will seriously see a
difference when using this bar.
Your skin and hair will feel soft, healthy and nourished.


Wash your Hair with Kreamy Soaps

Hair Tip:

Try rinsing your hair with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar after you wash with Kreamy
Soaps Pine Tar Olive bar. It is healthy and refreshing. Apply vinegar to hair,
wait a moment and rinse. You will notice that your hair will feel extra soft.

Wash your Face and Body with Kreamy Soaps

Face and Body Tip:

Lather up with Kreamy Soaps in the shower or bath. People feel moisturized
after their Pine Tar Olive bathing. If you'd like added moisturizer after bathing
then apply Olive Oil to your face and body while skin is still slightly damp.
Olive Oil is an amazing moisturizer.

Shave with Kreamy Soaps

Shaving Tip:

Rub your Pine Tar Olive bar onto wet skin, lather up and shave.
After shaving it is a good time to apply Olive Oil.
See Tips


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