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About Us

Small Batch, From Scratch

"The All in One Bar"
Face, Body, Shaving and Hair 

Reasons to use Kreamy Soaps

• Making soap since 1994

• Our Soap makers make our soap from scratch right here in the USA.

• No melt and pour soap base, no milling, no pre-made soap base, no private label manufacturer.

• All our soaps are truly made by hand.

• Unique Proprietary soap base developed by our Kreamy Soaps soap master .

• No synthetic preservatives

• No animal byproducts or synthetic detergents

• Thick, rich, luxurious lather.

• Each of our special of oils and butters contributing unique lathering characteristics.

• All natural hypoallergenic non-toxic great for sensitive skin

• Packed full of naturally occurring glycerin and vitamin E

• Extremely moisturizing with 8%. Most soaps on the market contain 0% fat and are very drying.

• Durable and very long lasting! Lasting 3-4 times longer that regular soap

You will see a difference "Get that Kreamy Soaps glow!"

We are totally committed to making the very finest soaps you will ever use.
We are confident you will see the difference in our unique proprietary formulations.

Quality and consistency you can count on!

Wholesome, Natural, Luxurious, and Effective

Extraordinarily Moisturizing

No More Itching, Rinses Clean, Your Confidence Restored.

No more shaving cream cans, shampoos, conditioners or other bottles needed when using Kreamy Soaps All in One Bar! 

Simplify and get rid of all those plastic bottles. Using our “All in One Bars” can help save the planet. Our soap bars and paper wrap are completely 100% biodegradable. It's estimated that 35 Billion plastic bottles are thrown away in the USA every year. 480 Billion worldwide each year! 

If you love quality, then you will love our Kreamy Soaps. Our bars are extra long lasting, and rich in Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Bean Oil. You will seriously see a difference when using our bars. Your skin and hair will feel soft, healthy and nourished.


Handmade from Scratch-not all Soaps are created equal. No pre-made soap bases. No Melt and Pour. No Milling. No Private Label Manufacturing.

Our own Unique Proprietary Soap Base-Developed and Hand Crafted by Kreamy Soaps Master Soaper Brett Thomas.

Proudly Made in the USA Since 1994

No Animal Testing, No Animal by-products, No Plastics

Ingredients: Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola oil, Soy Bean Oil, Olive Oil,  Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Bean Oil, essential oil and/or fragrance oil, may contain grains and/or colorant.


I have been making soap for about 29 years, and in that time I have made a lot of soap. Probably close to a million pounds from scratch, and all by hand. I had to teach myself how to do it. This was before the internet as we know it today. I had to go to the library, and use the card catalog. I did a lot of R&D, reading, testing, and analyzing. The books were very vague, and hard to understand. I once read that an employee would have to work for a soap company for over 30 years before they were ever taught about the actual soap making. The soap industry was very secretive, still kind of is.  Through a lot of trial and error my skills improved. Honestly it took me a few years before I was making “good” soap. I learned a lot about soap and bathing by reading the history. It was extremely fascinating. For example Queen Isabella of Spain is said to only have bathed twice in her whole life. Once when she was born, and the other on her wedding day. Imagine that!

Soap, which has been around for many centuries, is naturally occurring by mixing fats and oils with an alkaline solution. Detergent is synthetic (artificial) soap, which was created back in the 1920’s in a laboratory. It was created due to a lack of raw soap ingredients.  It’s like comparing butter to margarine. No matter how sophisticated a laboratory is, they can never get margarine to taste like butter.

I do feel detergent has it place in society. Like the dishwasher and in the laundry for example.  It generally has a neutral pH of 7 like water. So what is all the fuss about antibacterial soap? Glad you asked. The soap industry is not really regulated so that means manufacturers can say pretty much whatever they want. A true bar soap is antibacterial all by itself, because of its 9.5pH*. Antibacterial liquid soap is not soap but a liquid detergent. Since it is neutral, pH balanced, it does not kill germs. These manufacturers add antibacterial agent to kill the
germs, and then call it antibacterial soap. It is not soap. What it really should read is Antibacterial Detergent. That's marketing for you! Not to mention all the preservatives they have to add so the water in the bottle doesn’t start growing bacteria. Also if it is a Beauty Bar it is not soap, but a detergent cake. A genuine old fashioned soap bar naturally kills germs. The CDC says  “Clean your hands often by washing them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds” I would add make sure you lather your hands for at least 20 seconds with a genuine bar of soap. 

*What does pH stand for?
pH is short for Positively Charged Hydrogen Ion, or Power of Hydrogen. It is a scale used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a product. Water has a pH of 7 and is considered neutral. Soap is about 9.5 and is alkaline. Lemons have a pH of about 2.4 and are considered acidic. On the extreme ends of the chart you have Hydrochloric Acid at 0.1, and Caustic Soda at 13.9.

Founder Brett Thomas
Kreamy Soaps since 1994

Our name says it all.

We truly look forward to serving you!