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Thomas' Old Fashioned Linseed Soap Concentrate - Kreamy Soaps
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Organic Linseed & Pine Rosin Soap - Kreamy Soaps
Organic Linseed Soap - Kreamy Soaps
Organic Linseed Soap - Kreamy Soaps

Thomas' Old Fashioned Linseed Soap Concentrate

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Thomas' Old Fashioned Linseed Soap Concentrate

Our handcrafted soap concentrate, made from 100% organic, purified & sterilized raw linseed oil is a very effective all-purpose cleanser. This is a soap paste where you control the dilution rate. Dilute 2:1 all the way to 60:1 depending on the job requirements. 15:1 is a good "starting point". Dilute in very hot water for the quickest results and stir occasionally. Pour into a jar for storage, or better yet, pour into a professional high output sprayer.

Our original formula is one of our most gentle soaps. Great for general everyday cleaning, including leather. This soap literally has hundreds of uses. Try shaving with our Original formula too. Just a little dab on your fingers, then rub onto your skin to create a rich lather. 

This 10-ounce jar will make a little over
 one gallon of cleaner mixed at 15:1, which is our favorite dilution rate for general cleaning.

Our Linseed Soap is made from organic cold-pressed North American flaxseeds. 

Handmade by Kreamy Soaps

"I've been making soap for over 25 years. In that time I have made
close to a million pounds of bar soap, all by hand! I have to honestly say I don't know how I lived without this soap for all these years. It makes the best all-purpose cleaner you will ever use. I use it to clean everything from countertops and floors to the upholstery and wheels on my car. I even use it as a hand cleaner. I keep some solution in a spray bottle in the trunk of my car for when I need to clean my hands when out and about in the world. Not only is effective, but it's a safe all-natural organic soap. I have many bottles around mixed at different strengths for different jobs. I know you will love this soap!"
Brett Thomas
Kreamy Soaps

We believe in doing one thing, and doing it well. Being the specialist. That's why we are very focused and do only one thing, make soap. We are the true soap experts. We are certain you will not find a better soap anywhere at any price.

Thank you for using Kreamy Soaps!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Easy to use and amazingly effective.

Dion Walker
Good Stuff!!

Good business! I ordered linseed soap to clean brick steps, after watching about 11 parts of a tutorial on tiktok. With it I recieved a free clove bar that I fell in love with! So I furthere investigated the shop online and ordered the double pine tar soap for myself and all of my adult children to help with eczema and sensitive skin issues! The smell of the pine tar is not my favorite but its properties work well on our skin. With that order I recieved an aloe bar gift! Love it too! I plan on ordering more for myself and gifts.

Good stuff!

We have a real linoleum in our kitchen that started looking dull after three years of mopping with just water. This soap mixed with water immediately brought back the sheen and cleaned it beautifully. To top it off, my hands didn't feel stripped after mopping, but rather moisturized! I got this originally for a linseed painting project but I will be using this soap for many other things. Fantastic customer service and quick shipping from Kreamy Soaps. Needless to say, I will be back for more.

Jeanne Daniel
Thomas' Old Fashion Linseed Soap Concentrate worked many wonders!

I have used Thomas' Old Fashion Linseed Soap to clean white PVC fencing, painted aluminum exterior window & door trim, weathered teak outdoor furniture, a vintage martin birdhouse and's terrific.

Gregory de Jong
The best!

Works great on all surfaces and keep wood looking new!