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.....the sample I got, and have been HOOKED ever since. Sure it costs
more than your average bar of soap, but all the benefits over other
soaps, and therefore don't have to use as much lotion after
every shower!!! I SIMPLY LOVE IT TOO!!!"
D. Martin Vista, California

"I can't imagine using any other soap. Ten years ago, at a little
outdoor farmer's market in the high desert near Joshua Tree, I
discovered Kat & Brett's delicious Kreamy Soaps. A decade
later, I am faithful to this soap. I use it for my hair and body and
neither has ever looked or felt healthier."
Quinn from Joshua Tree, California
Dear Brett & Kat,
I absolutely love my bar of Kreamy Soap! My skin feels SO soft
after each use. It's as though I've taken a trip to a spa! I use it
on my body & face. I've ditched the other skin care products for
this and I'm both thrilled & so satisfied. Loving the beauty &
Today I was in Whole Foods store and was looking around in
the soap dept. The lady who worked there gave me a small
sample of your pine tar olive oil soap. I just tried it and WoW! It
shaved with it and up to today I thought the best shaving
cream was Jack Black, but your products is way far above any
other products I ever used. I feels amazing and very clean and
healthy. Congratulations for such wonderful product and I'll tell
my friends about it.
Irvine, California
Dear Brett and Kat,
I wanted to share this quick story with you about how I came
upon Kreamy Soaps.  I was on vacation in California.  I was
shopping in the local Whole Foods Market.  I was looking for a
soap that wouldn’t be too harsh on my sensitive skin, yet
would cleanse without drying my face out.  Through one of the
market employees, I was introduced to Kreamy Soaps.  I was
so impressed by your product, that when I returned home to
the east coast; I immediately went to my local Whole Foods to
see if I could get your soap here.  To my dismay I could not.  
Needless to say; I went ahead and ordered two bars online
and just received them today.  Quick shipping, no issues
whatsoever.  I appreciated the hand-written note, and the two
sample sizes to pass along (truth be told, I’ll probably keep the
samples as emergency bars, but please know that I am
spreading the word in my area about your fabulous product).
Thanks again, and you’ve definitely gained a loyal customer!
Be well. TG Jr.
"I wanted to thank you for the samples of your soap. It is
amazing!!!!!!  My partner of 24 years has had psoriasis above
her eye and no medication has ever been able to get rid of it.
She has been using your soap for almost a week and the
redness and itching is almost completely gone. THANK YOU!"
New Mexico Customer

"I shared a sample of Kreamy Soap with my granddaughter
who had a slight case of acne.   She used it and within about 2
days her skin showed considerable clearing up.  Her co-
workers have noticed her skin looking noticeably better and
itchy and that cleared up too.    She is a user of Kreamy Soaps
and shares her testimony with others.   Kreamy Soaps makes
a great soap for all ages.   Thanks."


Here is the testimonial: My husband is one of those dedicated
(stubborn?) people who refuses to change personal products
unless it becomes discontinued.  I told him about your bar and
he decided to try it much to my surprise as I am not usually
able to convince him to use/consume things that are organic,
much healthier, etc.  He has been using your bar every day
and he loves the smell, the feel and he is also hoping that it
will help his nearly bald spot on his head.  So now we are a
one bar family and we also use it on our dogs!
Thank you for being one of those wonderful people who
makes a great product and sticks with it and does not keep
reaching for the moon thinking that more is better.
Mary S. , Fallbrook, California

"I love Kreamy Soaps... it did an amazing job on my son's acne
as well as to my very allergic skin." Irene
Hi Kat,
I need to order some more Kreamy soap. I ran out of Kreamy
soap & bought some generic soap. It created a layer of scum
that plugged up my tub & felt like it dried out my skin. It was
awful. I don't want to ever use any other kind of soap. I need
Kreamy soap. Do you have any specials going on?

Your loyal fan & customer from Solana Beach Farmers Market.

Love this Kreamy Soap, just ordered more today. I shave my
face and head with it, smoothest shave I've got from any soap
or cream. My face and head are squeaky clean when I get out
of the shower. A good friend gave me a bar about 8 months
ago and I've been hooked every since. I won't be without it.
Once you try it you'll be in love with the Kreamy feel of this
wonderful soap too.
Mark, Tulsa

"You were giving out samples at my local health food store, so
I took one home but never used it until months later.  I
developed a weird rash that turned into open and weeping
sores and the doctors didn't know what it was or how to get rid
of it. For several months nothing worked. I decided to try your
soap when I came across it again and noticed the label said it
was good for rashes. I noticed the difference within 24 hrs!  
The rash and sores all over my body disappeared within days.
If I ever get a flare-up, I just wet the soap a little and apply it
directly like an ointment and it goes away. I use it every day
now and I love it!!  Thank you so much for making this soap!"  
Holly, California

"Kat it was such a gift to finally meet you in person! I had the
pleasure of meeting Brett two years ago. It was nice to put a
beautiful face with the other half.
I was truly blessed to find such a lovely wash for my silly
smiling face, a year ago, when I decided to give up my usual
expensive Lancôme cleanser, and try something a little earthy.
I loved it and haven't went back. Not only do I wash my face,
and body with it, I use it to shave my legs too, and it's great to
take to the beach to wash out my salty tangles! It's amazing to
say the very least. THANK YOU, Kat and Brett"
Isha, San Diego County
"I love your soap and so does my wife! I won’t use any other
soap any more now. Your soap is the best. It even gets rid of
bug bites sooner and small rashes and aids in healing of your
skin. Thank you for your product. I wish I found it sooner……"
Alan, Orange County California

"This has become my favorite soap. It's truly a great product
with a scent that grows on you. I have bought from this seller
before and it always arrives promptly in perfect condition."
Amazon Customer


"Thank you for creating such wonderful soap that has cure my
sons was so bad that it would bleed! I have
recommend ur soap to several friend in my area! Thank you!"
Conniee, California Customer

"I really like how the soap cleans my hair. Way better
than shampoo and conditioner which always left it greasy
and a little slimey. The pine tar bar just leaves it clean and soft
and amazingly manageable without putting any product
in it when dry."  
Steve, San Diego

"Kreamy Soaps is absolutely wonderful.
Kicks butt over Grandpas Pine Tar."
Ronni, Los Angeles


"Dear Kat,
After using your amazing Pine Tar Olive Bar Kreamy Soap and
Bragg's apple cider vinegar from head to toe for one month
exclusively, my hair and the skin on my face, feet and total
body look and feel about 10 years younger. SERIOUSLY!
I also shave my face with your soap and get a closer shave
than any shave cream I've used in the past.
Thank you Kat for making such an amazing soap to feed my
skin. Well being, Rick"

Kat and Brett,
I have to thank you once again for making your PTO bar! My 1
month old newborn baby Tyler started to develop eczema on
his cheeks. Both cheeks were red and cracking. I used the
soap on him and within 2 days his face started to clear up.
Love love love this soap!!!
"Just tried your soap after getting a sample from Frazier Farm's
today. It's like it knows exactly what I need -- my face (which is
always super oily) feels squeaky clean, and the rest of my skin
is super moisturized. Excited to see if it helps my acne!"...."One
week in and my acne is definitely better. I bought a full bar
yesterday :)"

"Thank you sooo much! Your Pine Tar Olive Bar is a
BLESSING! A lady at Wholefoods in Manhattan Beach hipped
me to it. I use it to 
Wash my hair and it appears to be
strengthening my strands and instantly stops the itching
that moisturizing products cause on my sensitive scalp. Please
don't stop making this soap nor change the ingredients. A
customer for life."-

Saw your display recently in San Diego. Thought the price was
high but you gave us a few samples to try the soap. Wow!
They are the best soaps ever. To think I paid more for my
teens proactive that didn't work. Their faces cleared up in
3 days of using the pine tar soap.
 I had to place an order. I
should have bought at your market location. Great stuff!!!

"I received a bar of Kreamy Soaps as a gift 18 months ago. I
used it every morning to wash my face. It was too dear to me
to keep in the shower as my experience shows bars
disintegrate more quickly in that environment. I noticed a
remarkable improvement in my skin over the first two
months, but was also improving the quality of my diet. After
500+ face washings, I was sad to say goodbye to my Kreamy
Soaps. I began using another fancy, all natural bar that I had
received as a gift. Within 3 or 4 days it was evident that my
skin was no longer as smooth, soft, nor as clear as it had
been. I immediately ordered another bar of Kreamy; 
at the
mere cost of 2 cents/ day, I can't afford NOT to use it!"
Pamela, LMT
The Pine Tar Olive Bar has
 helped my psoriasis and so I am
back for more. My husband
 no longer has body odor since
using this bar. 
Karen~Solana Beach
After 25 years in the oceans of the world-my skin have been
exposed to the worst conditions you can imagine-
Dermatologist and skin experts have done nothing even close
to  get me the results I got since the very first application of this
Dryness of the sun and wind of the sea help me to develop the
worst dandruff conditions-I've been dealing with this situation
for many ,many years- and the discomfort and itchiness was
horrible and embarrassing. Yesterday my girlfriend Lola and I
went to the market in San Diego and we were lucky enough to
find this little stand where this nice couple was offering soap
samples- It got my attention the fact that I saw this Medicinal
Pine Tar Olive Bar-fragrance-free soap- I am very oriented to
Natural-and Free fragrance products to avoid irritation from my
skin condition- and Lola suggested to me to give it a try- After
so many products I tried before claiming these and that and bla-
bla bla- without any positive results I thought well-why not?-
But what a wonderful decision we took- We went home and
 I applied the soap on my face and scalp- and
as Magic almost instantly the itchiness disappeared
What a sense of relief - Before going to bed I applied the soap !
again- and this morning I did it again- So far-so good!!! I am
going to keep you posted of my progress-  Thanks for your
advice and your wonderful products. 
Capt JT

I am so happy I found this soap, seriously a jewel! I have never
had skin/acne problems until a little over a year ago, so my
frustration on how to deal with it was overwhelming. Nothing
worked and with time felt like it was just getting worse. I have
tried everything from store bought products to proactiv. I
thought the stronger the product & more stuff in ingredients it
must work! 
Using this bar  has definitely cleared my skin
SO much and my blemishes are no longer so painful!

Although not completely gone, I do not feel the need to wear
cover up anymore! :) my embarrassment is fading and
confidence boosting. It leaves my face feeling extra soft. I will
continue to use this medicinal soap bar and only hope for more
Amanda, San Diego, Ca.

Being a woman of color, it is a real challenge to find a soap
that won't abuse my very sensitive skin. This is a wonderful
It is very rare for me to find a soap that I can use
on my face that doesn't dry or irritate it.
Your soaps are so creamy and full bodied in lather I find
that I don't have to rush to moisturize after using them.
Thank you for making this great product! M. Renee, Artist
Received the soaps today I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!Thanks again
for such fast shipping too! 

I've used this soap exclusively for the last 2 years and you will
not find a better soap. I also use it as my shampoo and it is
My skin and hair has never been softer. I assure
you that you'll notice a difference within a month, if not after a
couple of uses. 
Johnny Vargas. xoxoxo to all!


I picked up a bar of your pine tar olive bar in Solana Beach,
 It leaves my skin feeling so softRose

These soaps are amazing. I was given a sample of the Pine
Tar bar after grabbing a couple of the other bars they had out.
After one day of using the pine bar I could notice a
 After a few days use my boyfriend told me my face
has looked clearer than it has since he met me!!! I had sliced a
sliver off for a coworker and after she used she was shocked
she didn't need moisturizer and how much of a difference she
could feel. Within 1 week I was back buying bars for my
boyfriend and coworker and still plan on going back for more,
These bars make great gifts! Thank you guys for such
wonderful products!
 Alisha, San Diego

We love your products Kat!
Your pine tar soap is a Best Seller!
Sue's Health Foods, Yucca Valley, Ca.

Holy smokes...this soap is the best!  We have very hard water,
so the difference in my skin is night and day!
Lisa, San Diego

"I was given a sample of the pine tar soap at a local farmers
market.  My infant son has (HAD)
 eczema and the Dr had
given him cortisone cream which I don't like to use on him and I
was constantly slathering him in lotion to keep his skin moist.  
After 2 days of using the soap his eczema hot spots are
completely GONE
 and lotion use has been to a minimum. I
shared the sample with family...who all sent me back to the
farmers market today to pick up full size bars for them.  We
LOVE it!" xoxo Baby Max & Mama D  : )
"My mom is using the Pine Tar Olive on 
her shingles and it is
making a BIG difference! 
She loves it for her skin and her
hair too!"
Kim, Artist
"This bar is amazing!!! I recently had radical cancer surgery which
left a large incision. The day after my surgery, while in the
hospital, I started cleansing the area with my PTO bar and
continue to do so. My surgeons were very pleased with how
nicely my incision healed and with VERY minimal redness! I use
PTO daily for my whole body and have for some time. My skin is
now extremely smooth and cuts and abrasions heal with little to
no scarring. My husband, who is diabetic, also uses it and healing
time of cuts or abrasions on his skin has been cut in half with little
or no scarring and nice new skin in its place. Thank you so much
for this wonderful bar! I share it with everyone :)"

"I used the PTO bar and loved it! I don't have acne but I do get
breakouts on chin and this bar really helps heal everything
Amy, Palm Springs
"I'm feelin' Kreamy every single day! Absolutely LOVE this
soap, will never go back to anything how it feels
on my skin!"
Susan, California
Valerie, Oregon
"Kreamy Soaps has given my husband who suffered with
dermatitis an alternative to medications, ointments or creams...
within one to two weeks he could see and feel the difference in
his skin, and the visual signs of the dermatitis had diminis...hed
dramatically. This soap really works...I know because we ran
out of soap for awhile and his condition resurfaced, only to
vanish again after replenishing our supply of Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Medicinal soap. I've washed my hair with it, shaved
with it (and Keith does, too...and he uses a straight razor) and
the smell and lather are unbeatable. Well worth the price, to be
Now THAT's our testimonial, Kat...and glad to give it. You can
never stop making this soap now, you're stuck with us!"
Susan, California
"Thank you-thank you for giving us insight & education
about.....SOAP?!!!! Who knew we knew so little about
something that can make SUCH a BIG difference! I sold 2 bars
right after you left our store (Nature's in PS) today! If you
haven't tried Kreamy Soaps.....what are you waiting for?! It
can't lather you up & do it's... magic sitting in the box!!!"
Nature's, Palm Springs
"just bathed with my new bar of pto soap and feel great."
Denise, California

"Yes, it's me -Kat just referred to my situation in their last email,
because it was SO VERY bizarre. I was diagnosed with a skin
condition related to mercury fillings in my mouth. LO Desert
couldn't figure it out. A local practitioner mitigated the problem,
but I was left with a very irritating rash that would not leave
even after a year of attempting to treat it. Kat gave me a
sample of the new Amazing PTO bar. I COULD
NOT BELIEVE IT: 2 showers and it was gone."
Donna, California

After traveling through low humidity climates, my scalp was dry,
after a couple uses of the Kreamy Soap my scalp was restored
back to its original softness!
Dahvid Weiss, L.Ac, D.O.M., PhD., Asheville, NC
"I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to your new
Pine Tar Olive Soap.  I have always enjoyed your soaps and
all the flavors, but this soap is quite exceptional.  Our skin gets
so dry out here in the desert.  As a massage therapist, I can
attest to that. I use twice as much massage oil on my clients
here as opposed to when I lived on the coast.  
What I noticed about your new soap are several things:
1) There is less soap residue on my soap dish.
2) My skin feels exceptionally soft after I shower and I need
less lotion slathered on my body afterwards.
3) It is easier to shave my legs and it is more effective too.
All in all it is a great product.  In this day and age where so
many people are cavalier about good service and providing a
good product, you are an exception to the rule.  Thanks for
keeping your standards high."
Best regards,
Kate Adams-Dobos, C.M.T.
Serenity Massage
Joshua Tree, CA

"The Best Soap in the World"
Michael H.
San Francisco, California

"People who have crazy skin like me need to know
how wonderful your Kreamy Soaps are!"
"Thank you for Pine Tar soap for my
tattoo rash.  I tried several creams and
ointments and help.  After using your
soap for a couple of weeks the red
bumps have gone down and the rash
itself has improved and is clearing up
daily.  I would recommend this
soap as a tattoo after care product.
Thank you very much."
Steven Williams
"I have used various products on my face in order to
combat acne and other skin conditions. Sadly, none of
those things worked.  But I am extremely happy to say that
the Pine Tar soap by Kreamy Soaps has far surpassed my
expectations.  My skin is very smooth and rejuvenated.  
Along with that, Pine Tar has help my daughter and niece  
with their eczema and acne. We are fans forever.  Pine tar
has helped restore my confidence and made it possible for
me to feel good about my skin. Thank you so much."  
Demetra C.

"I absolutely love your product.  I've never
written a product testimonial before, but I've
never been that impressed with soap before.  
Thanks again."

"Kreamy Soaps - WOW!  The soaps are clean feeling
and at the same time don't
leave you feeling dried out."  
Christine D.

"My skin is so soft!
Such a rich and creamy lathery soap! It is wonderful.
You guys are great and make an excellent product!
Thanks! I will let all my friends know that you ship so they can
order from you!"

Christi Lynn D.
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"I've started Tar
Olive bar on my
cat's chin
because she had
some form of
feline acne there,
and it cleared it
right up :)"
Sarah, Whole
Foods Market
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things a little "neater", and your bar last even longer!
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"I love your
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business it's

prosper, and refuse
to settle for less!" 
a Kreamy Soaps Admirer
Hi Brett:

I am a die-hard loyal customer of Kreamy Soaps.  I first discovered your tar soap at Whole Foods, though they do not sell it any more.  Your pine tar soap controls my chronic skin eczema on my face.  It is a literal miracle.  It works better than any prescription medication I have tried over the last 25 years.  I cannot live without  your soap.  Please never stop making it!
I would like to try your double tar soap.  How much is it and how can I order it?
Thank you,
Ju Chang

Note: Several Whole Foods in Orange and San Diego still carry our soap, even though some have dropped us. They do this because we aren't the fastest selling soap, even though we are the best. :P No seriously some stores do drop you if you are not a fast seller. Our bar is very long lasting and this becomes an issue for us, but we won't compromise on quality for the sake of sales.
Thank you, Brett
You guys should consider to offer the camphor and sand as a part of your regular soap menu. I’ve been using this for a decade and I usually order a bunch. There’s without it!..... yes, please do share my testimonial. We are an avid fan of your soaps because it’s a quality product that truly works!
Kuz Man

Note: The Sand & Camphor is back on the website, and back for good!
Hello Brett.

Thank you again for wonderful soaps. They are all amazing- great work.
I gave a clove bar to my mother and she LOVES it. She said it is the best soap ever, she (Edith) is 92 and said I should have had this soap years ago..Her hands feel like silk.
We will keep in touch
All the VERY best from Norway

May 13, 2020

Hello everyone,

The other day as I was washing my face, and it occurred to me that I should create a Pine Tar bar with double the pine tar. I’ll tell you why. I have this condition on my eyes lids called “anterior blepharitits”. I have suffered from it for as long as I can remember. I saw a doctor years ago and he said “use baby shampoo to wash your eye lids”, but unfortunately it didn’t do a thing to help. I have been using the Pine Tar Bar to wash my eye lids (eyes closed!) for a long time with excellent results. It has helped me tremendously, which I am so happy about. I recently brought back the Tea Tree bar, and decided to test it out on my eyes to see how it compared. I really love the Tea Tree Bar, because it is such an effective essential oil, but it wasn’t as effective for this particular condition. After about a week I noticed that my condition was returning, and my eye lids were starting to itch so I immediately switched back to the Pine Tar. I thought to myself what if I made it extra strength. Would it help me even more? So I doubled the amount of pine tar that I usually use, and it turned out amazing! I have now been using it on my eyes for about a week, and its working like a charm. I honestly feel that it is helping me even more than the regular Pine Tar Bar. It’s a winner that I will keep on making, and using. I call it Double Pine Tar. If you or anyone you know suffers from this condition please let them know about it, and feel free to forward this email to them.

Pine tar is good for so many conditions. It never ceases to amaze me. Did you know pine tar is an old fashioned Swedish remedy for hair loss? Google it if you want to know more. A few months ago my sister told me that since she started using the Pine Tar to wash her face, and take off her makeup, that her eyelashes have been growing back in fuller and longer! I have heard so many wonderful testimonials over the years in regards to the wonders of our Pine Tar Bar. One time this lady said she had to buy a hairbrush because her hair was growing back in thicker. She said she hadn’t owned a hair brush in years! If she is reading this please let us know who you are. I would love to know more and get a written testimonial from you. Check out all the testimonials on our website. They are all legitimate and unedited. If you have one please send it in. We would love to share.

Brett Thomas - Founder of Kreamy Soaps


Linseed Soap Testimonial:

Thank you for giving me a sample of your cleaning soap. It cleans stainless steel like new, just wow 🙌 It is totally legit!
Kuz Man

Thank you Kuz Man for the great testimonial. I agree! There’s something magical about it that makes stainless steel shine like new again.


We found your company and your Pine Tar Olive Bar completely by accident when I was looking for a nice client holiday giveaway. I bought a box of assorted soaps then started reading about Kreamy Soaps. My husband is a bodyworker and began suffering from contact dermatitis - on his hands. Not good for anybody. So I ordered some Pine Tar Olive Bars and after a few days of using it, the dermatitis went away. Then when we ran out of the soap his dermatitis came back. So we bought more soap, and it went away again. We were blown away. We now have this soap available for sale in our office and wholeheartedly stand behind your products. Thank you for your commitment to excellence in making a quality product. Can't wait to try the Double Pine Tar bar. Thank you, Brett!
Susan Ortiz


Hello fellow or future Soap users,
I would like share my experience while using these wonderful natural scented Kreamy Soaps. I have to say hands down this homemade soap is definitely top notch. It is the best natural soap I have tried in my 53 years of searching for the perfect body soap. It’s worthy of trying and lives up to its Kreamy name.
I never knew that this homemade soap can make such a difference in the softness and texture in my skin. After using the soap just within the first week, my skin was so soft and supple. I am even more satisfied after using this amazing soap for five months now. The softness and texture of my skin just gets better. The feeling and the level of clean is over the top.
One important point I would like to express is since I have been using Kreamy Soaps, I haven’t had to use body lotion after my shower. That’s amazing in itself and much healthier for your skin. This soap is superior from even the top-notch natural body soaps on the market. I have always used organic soap but had to always follow it with body lotion and still had dry skin. Now with using Kreamy Soaps, my skin is so soft and supple I don’t need body lotion anymore. That saves money and time. It’s Just a wonderful feeling using this soap. The bars last for a long time and worth the money.
The natural smell of the oils that Brett uses in his soaps are soothing and relaxing to my soul.
Take my word on this one buy just one bar and try it. You will feel and see the difference in your skin like I did.
I was lucky enough to meet the handsome young owner of the Kreamy Soaps Company. Brett is an amazing man with a healthy mind, body and soul. The soap shows on your skin, the love that Brett has put into his product. Your skin will feel and show the difference in no time.
Looking forward to more heavenly scents in the Kreamy Soaps collection.
Peace within,
Danette Fitch