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Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps
Pine Tar Olive Bar - Kreamy Soaps

Pine Tar Olive Bar

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Our "Flagship" Pine Tar Olive Bar

Naturally medicinal. This bar never ceases to amaze us with its healing properties.
Just check out our testimonials page. All PTO testimonials. Made from Sweden's finest pine tar.  

Check out what the National Institute of Health has to say about pine tar! The article states…."pine tar has been shown to be antipruritic, anti‐inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, keratoplastic, cytostatic, antibacterial and antifungal." These properties make pine tar suitable for the topical treatment of eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and other dry, itchy, flaky, or inflamed skin conditions.

5 Ounce Bar


We found your company and your Pine Tar Olive Bar completely by accident when I was looking for a nice client holiday giveaway. I bought a box of assorted soaps then started reading about Kreamy Soaps. My husband is a bodyworker and began suffering from contact dermatitis - on his hands. Not good for anybody. So I ordered some Pine Tar Olive Bars and after a few days of using it, the dermatitis went away. Then when we ran out of the soap his dermatitis came back. So we bought more soap, and it went away again. We were blown away. We now have this soap available for sale in our office and wholeheartedly stand behind your products. Thank you for your commitment to excellence in making a quality product. Can't wait to try the Double Pine Tar bar. Thank you, Brett!
Susan Ortiz

We truly hope our Kreamy Soaps® Pine Tar Olive Bar will be the finest bar of soap you will ever use. Our special proprietary recipe creates an extremely thick, rich, luxurious, sudsy lather.

Our pan-style method of soapmaking is simple yet complex. We handcraft from start to finish blending our own unique proprietary soap base and fine ingredients. We mix and pour our formula into small wooden soap pans and slowly bake to perfection. We then hand-cut, stamp, and package these bars just for you. This is real honest to goodness “scratch-made” soap.

We believe in doing one thing, and doing it well. Being the specialist. That's why we are very focused and do only one thing, make soap. We are the true soap experts. We are certain you will not find a better soap anywhere at any price. Thank you for using Kreamy Soaps!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

What a pleasant discovery. Originally bought for son and grandchild. I have now reordered three times for myself.
Brett is personable and delightful.

Eileen phillips
Great Soap

The lather of this soap is creamy, soothing, and healing. I sent it to my son who suffers from eczema, and it helps the irritation.
I had a nasty shingles outbreak triggered by a dye allergy, which messed up my immune system, and the pine tar soap relieved the rash rage. My only soap choice from now on.

Karen Elizabeth Crespo

Love how smooth and clean my skin feels after‼️

Marcia Thomas
Soap for life

A great soap! Our family has used this for several years and we wouldn’t use any other. It prevents “winter itch”, helps with rashes and gives a great over all cleanliness. I highly recommend this product!

Cheryl Taylor
Favorite soap

I’ve been using pine tar soap for 10 years. Wonderful for eczema, feminine itch and balances oils. If you are dry it hydrates and if you’re oily, it neutralizes your skin! Wouldn’t be without it. Most importantly it has a wonderful campfire fragrance. If you aren’t fond of that odor, you walk away from it once you are out of the shower🙏🏻❤️