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12 Pine Tar Olive Bars & Two EO Bars - Kreamy Soaps
12 Pine Tar Olive Bars & Two EO Bars - Kreamy Soaps
12 Pine Tar Olive Bars & Two EO Bars - Kreamy Soaps
12 Pine Tar Olive Bars & Two Essential Oil Bars - Kreamy Soaps

12 Pine Tar Olive Bars & Two Essential Oil Bars

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12 Pine Tar Olive Bars & two 5oz. Essential Oil Bars that we pick from our favorites.

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Kreamy Soaps® Since 1994

We truly hope our Kreamy Soaps® will be the finest bar of soap you will
ever use.  Our special proprietary recipe creates an extremely thick, rich, luxurious, sudsy lather.

Our pan-style method of soapmaking is simple yet complex. We handcraft from start to finish blending our own unique proprietary soap base and fine ingredients. We mix and pour our formula into small wooden soap pans and slowly bake to perfection. We then hand-cut, stamp, and package these bars just for you. This is real honest to goodness “scratch-made” soap.

We believe in doing one thing, and doing it well. Being the specialist. That's why we are very focused and do only one thing, make soap. We are the true soap experts. We are certain you will not find a better soap anywhere at any price.

Our Super Premium soap bars are durable, vegan, and all-natural. This truly is an amazing bar. We are confident that you will love our soap. : )

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

We have used Kreamy Soaps for the last 20+ years. We used to buy them at farmer’s markets in LA and since moving out of SoCal have ordered online. We love the way the soaps condition our skin. I have given bars to friends who have skin issues and they love the product too. Whether ordering online or by phone the company is easy to work with and the owner always includes a personal note thanking us and wishing us well! Great company, great customer service and a wonderful product!

Pine Tar Convert

I was gifted your soaps and could not believe the superior quality of your products. I then went to your website to learn what soaps were your customers’ favorites and why. I wanted to send to 2 family member as gifts. The Pine Tar and Olive soap was the clear favorite. So, I ordered the bundled batch. The smell is rich and earthy and may put people off because it is not floral, but beware! These soaps were made for our assaulted dermal layer, our largest organ, which unfortunately gets degraded by age, environmental factors, harmful chemicals in the water, air and earth. I have 2 more birthdays coming up and will be ordering more to share the blessing. Love you guys!

Shirley Vernale
Pine Tar and all Kreamy Soaps

The best soap ever!! I have been using this soap for 10 ten years. Always fresh, clean and healing for my skin and Hair! Never need a moistuerizer and I Love the Smell of Pine. Kreamy for sure. Thank you Brett for making this soap!!

Laura Beers
Excellent Product!

I have been using this soap from this seller for over 25 years! Fabulous product! Even better seller! Thank You!!!!!!!

Mark Francis
Excellent soap

It took me years of search, but finally I found the perfect soap for my skin with this one!