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$9.95 per 5 oz. Bar
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Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar Ingredients:
Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,
Pine Tar and Jojoba Bean Oil.

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Naturally Medicinal
Kreamy Soaps®
Premium Pine Tar
Olive Bar
Kreamy Soaps®
Premium Clove Bar
We Specialize in Medicinal Soaps
Did you Know?
Back in the 19th Century they
disinfected surgical equipment
with clove oil.

It's true, and we put the same
essential oil in our soap.
$9.95 per 5 oz. Bar
Since 1994
Made from 100% pure sassafras
essential oil and colored with cocoa
powder. Smells like root beer.
$9.95 Per 5 oz. bar
Some time ago I mixed a bunch of
fragrances and essential oils just to see
what it would be like. Well it turned out
very nice. I have no idea what I did, so it
will most likely will never be duplicated.
The color is grey and it's kind of perfumy.
Limited edition.
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
Oatmeal & Honey
Fresh cut Oatmeal & Honey smells like
graham crackers. A return of our
oldest soap. Made from fresh ground
oats and 100% pure clover honey. Did
you know our logo is based on this
soap? Exfoliate and moisturize at the
same time.
per 5 oz. bar
Pine Rosin Soap Ball
I just made a batch of Pine Rosin soap.
Pine tar's cousin. I rolled them into
balls, which is kinda fun. The shape is
really nice in the hand. The royal
families favored this shape I once
read. This is a very luxurious ball. Not
just because of the shape, but
because of the formula. Pine Rosin
creates one of the finest lathers you
will ever use, and it's medicinal.
per 5 oz. ball
All orders From now until the
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will receive a free
five ounce bar of Lilac!
A gift to
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you for your order.
Tea Tree
Made from 100% pure Australian tea
tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia). A very
effective medicinal.
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
Made from 100% pure French
lavender oil, with a handful of lavender
buds. No colorant added. Our number
one best selling soap of all time.
$10.95 per 5 oz. bar
Lemon Lavender
Our own proprietary essential oil blend
and one of our top sellers. Made from
100% pure essential oils and no
colorant added.
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
Orange Oatmeal
Made with fresh ground oat flour and
100% pure orange essential oil. No
colorant added. The starch in oat flour
is known to soothe the skin. It also
provides a gentle exofoliation as well.
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
Made from 100% pure star anise
essential oil. No colorant added.
Smells just like licorice! A very fun
uplifting soap that has been a very
good seller.
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
Sand & Camphor
Back by popular demand! Sand &
Camphor. One of our all time best
sellers. Great for the feet, gardeners,
artists, and mechanics. Made with 30
grit sand and white camphor essential
oil. Of all the soaps we discontinued
this bar was the most requested.
No colorant added
$9.95 per 5 oz bar
Lavender Rose
One of our best smelling soaps, best
selling soaps, and one of my personal
favorites. A blend of lavender and
palmarosa essential oils.
$10.95 per 5 oz bar
Lavender Citronella
A blend of lavender and citronella
essential oils. Citronella is the cousin
of lemongrass. It's a tall green grass
that has a citrus scent. The two
essential oils together make a great
$9.95 per 5 oz bar  
One of my all time favorites that is
made from pure spearmint essential
oil. We use the same oil that is used in
the chewing gum. It's like washing with
a stick of gum. So refreshing!
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
A friend would refer to this soap as
"hippy chick". When I use to sell down
in Berkeley years ago this one was a
top seller!
A blend of patchouli and orange
essential oils with a swirl of cocoa
powder for color.
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
Extra Strength
Double Pine Tar
More is always better! Could we make
the original any better?
We took our premium pine tar bar, and
added twice the amount of pure pine
tar. For those in need of extra strength.
$10.95 per 5 oz. bar


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One of the most useful trees in the
world. Our coconut fragrance has the
addition of a slight pineapple note.
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar
Summer Berry
Blackberry fragrance
$9.95 per 5 oz. bar