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Six Pine Tar
Six Clove
Two essential oil
One hand rolled
Pine Rosin Ball
15 bars total
A Savings of
All soaps 5 oz ea
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Handmade by Kreamy Soaps
Linseed & Rosin Soap Concentrate . This Handcrafted soap
concentrate, made from 100% organic, purified & sterilized
raw linseed oil is a very effective all purpose cleanser. Pine
rosin is added to aid in lather. You control the dilution rate.
Dilute 2:1 all the way to 60:1 depending on the job
requirements. 15:1 is a good "starting point". Dilute in very hot
water for the quickest results and stir occasionally. Pour into a
jar for storage, or better yet, pour into a professional high output

This 10 ounce jar will make approximately
three gallons of
cleaner mixed at 30:1, which is our favorite dilution rate for
general cleaning.
Linseed & Rosin Soap Concentrate
10 ounce jar
Here is an example. Mixed 15:1, 30:1, 60:1.
Our favorite ratio is 30:1.
Good for just about everything. Mix stronger
for tougher jobs.
Example: Mix one ounce concentrate in 30
ounces of water to make
30:1. This jar will make about three gallons
at this ratio.
"I've been making soap for over 25 years. In that time I have made
close to a million pounds of bar soap, all by hand! I have to honestly
say I don't know how I lived without this soap for all these years. It
makes the best cleaner you will ever use. I use it to clean everything
from counter tops to the upholstery and wheels on my car. I even use
it as a hand cleaner. I keep some solution in a spray bottle in the trunk
of my car for when I need to clean my hands when out and about in
the world. Not only is effective, but it's a safe all natural organic soap. I
have many bottles around mixed at different strengths for different
jobs. I know you will love this soap!"
Brett Thomas
Kreamy Soaps
$9.95 per 5 oz. Bar
*Our soaps are "All in One"
Face, Body, Shaving, Hair*

Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar Ingredients:
Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,
Pine Tar and Jojoba Bean Oil.

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Naturally Medicinal
Kreamy Soaps®
Premium Pine Tar
Olive Bar
Kreamy Soaps®
Premium Clove Bar
We Specialize in Medicinal Soaps
Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar Ingredients:
Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,
Jojoba Bean Oil, and Clove Essential Oil
Did you Know?
Back in the 19th Century they disinfected
surgical equipment with clove oil.

It's true, and we put the same essential
oil in our soap.
$9.95 per 5 oz. Bar
Since 1994