Linseed OIl & Rosin Soap Concentrate
10 ounce jar
Handmade by Kreamy Soaps
Linseed Oil &
Rosin Soap Concentrate . This Handcrafted soap
concentrate, made from
100% organic, purified & sterilized
raw linseed oil is a very effective all purpose cleanser. Pine
rosin is added to aid in lather. You control the dilution rate.
Dilute 2:1 all the way to 60:1 depending on the job
requirements. 15:1 is a good "starting point". Dilute in very hot
water for the quickest results and stir occasionally. Pour into a
jar for storage, or better yet, pour into a professional high output

This 10 ounce jar will make approximately
three gallons of
cleaner mixed at 30:1, which is our favorite dilution rate for
general cleaning.
$10.50 flat rate shipping no matter
how much Kreamy Soaps you buy.

My name is Brett Thomas founder of Kreamy Soaps and I
have been making soap for over 25 years. In that time I have
made close to a million pounds of bar soap, all by hand! I
have to honestly say I don't know how I lived without this soap
for all these years. It makes the best cleaner you will ever use.
I use it to clean everything from counter tops to the upholstery
and wheels on my car. I even use it as a hand cleaner. I keep
some solution is a spray bottle in the trunk of my car for when I
need to clean my hands when out and about in the world. Not
only is effective, but it's a safe all natural organic soap.
I have
many bottles around mixed at different strengths for different jobs. I
know you will love this soap!