Brett Thomas and Kat Lyons are the founders of
Kreamy Soaps®. They have been in business for over 30 years
collectively and share a deep passion
as business entrepreneurs.

In 2004 they joined their skill, creativity and vision to develop
Wholesome Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar.

Brett is a craftsman and has been making soap since 1994.
Kat is an artist and has a background is in musical medicine,
education, consulting and soap,
Kreamy Soaps.
Kreamy Soaps®
Who are we?
"Our Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar was developed deep in the desert.  
Joshua Tree, California to be exact.
We love our creation and dedication.
We are in Gratitude~"

"Thank You."                                           Kat & Brett

"We are intoxicated in Kreamy Soaps!"
So many great stories.
Lots of Love