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Goodbye from Kat Lyons

Dear Kreamy Soaps Friends,                                        

I am writing to you today with a bittersweet heart to let you know of my parting as
Partner of Kreamy Soaps. I have served this beautiful company going on 15 years.

Brett and I have referred to our company as The Kreamy Soaps University. We have
worked harmoniously together for 125,000 hours side by side and inseparable. Our
teamwork has been impeccable as we have built this brand from scratch and raw
materials. The lessons and mountains we have climbed together are tremendous. Our
determination and faith have made us better versions of ourselves today. We have
awarded ourselves with a certificate of completion at The University. We have both
graduated and now these two graduates must part.

I will continue to support Kreamy Soaps. All products will be available in my new
business. I currently have a website for my art. As some of you know which has been a lot of fun! Get on the email list over there if you
feel inspired. You will eventually receive an email to my new website.

I am offering Hypnotherapy healing and coaching services on the phone and in person,
as well as getting back to my teaching and artist career.

Brett and I deeply appreciate your support.
Thank you dear customers for all the praise, prayers, love, and for using Kreamy
Soaps. Through the years many of our customers have shown us kindness beyond
measure! We are in gratitude for you all!

I will miss you.

Sincerely and with Love, Kat Lyons
August 6, 2018